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Our partner brokers provide effective and efficient trading platforms. Bitcoin Buyer has a space for you, beginner or skilled, but you should know this fact. Bitcoin Buyer is not a trading platform. However, you can access some of the most trusted trading platforms with the help of our brokers.

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Cryptocurrencies! Nothing else causes more excitement, media buzz, and confusion all at the same time.

Bitcoin hit $60,000 after the coronavirus crash of last year. Dogecoin witnessed an increase of over 10,000% after a single tweet. China started a regulatory war on digital coins.

It is confusing. We get it!

But let us tell you something. You can still make sense of what’s going on in the crypto sector and potentially profit from it.

Because there are only two clear paths in the world of investment. And, frankly, they are pretty clear: the thrilling road to riches… and the old road to paychecks, mortgages, and debt.

You choose!

Great choice, fellow trader!

Of course, the road to riches can be bumpy, risky, and disappointing, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can reach your final goal and secure your financial future.

If you are bold enough and decide to step into the cryptocurrency sector in 2021, we will be just beside you. With Bitcoin Buyer, you can start trading digital assets with ease. Simply open an account and start trading via one of our reputable brokers with as little as $250.

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Why Trade Bitcoin?

While there are many reasons to start trading Bitcoin, let’s start with an obvious fact. Fiat currencies and traditional investing are coming to an end.

Things are going digital. We buy and sell things online, we study and entertain ourselves online, we purchase travel deals online.

Yet, online platforms like PayPal - once revolutionary - have also failed. With high transaction fees and slow processing times, we need better solutions.

As Peter Thiel said, “PayPal had these goals of creating a new currency. We failed at that, and we just created a new payment system. I think Bitcoin has succeeded on the level of a new currency, but the payment system is somewhat lacking. It’s very hard to use, and that’s the big challenge on the Bitcoin side.”

Solutions that the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can offer! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a great alternative to traditional finances. No more hidden processing fees, no more waiting, no more leaked personal details!

Does this sound too abstract? Well, the truth is that the number of Bitcoin ATMs is rising. Only in the UK, there are hundreds of BTC machines. Bitcoin can be used as a payment method in restaurants, cafes, and retail shops. You can get a Caffe Nero gift card with BTC. How much more real can things get?

Bitcoin also brings us closer to bridging the wealth gap in today's world. Even unbanked people without a bank account can get a digital wallet and start buying Bitcoin and digital currencies. And believe it or not, Bitcoin and other digital assets can also be used as an inflation hedge and protect economies worldwide.

And for those who don't think that's enough: Bitcoin owners have the unique chance to potentially make sufficient Bitcoin cash tucked safely in their crypto wallets.

Why Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Bitcoin Buyer?

We at Bitcoin Buyer can help you enter the crypto world. We can help you become more than a regular buyer of bitcoins but one of the large investors who know how the market works.

  1. Easy access: You can invest in Bitcoin with ease. Register on the official Bitcoin Buyer website and fund your account with just $250 to start your crypto journey. The good news is that you can choose any payment method to deposit money and start trading bitcoins.

  2. Full transparency: You are in complete control of your funds, wallet, and personal information. Note that your safety and that of your money is our priority. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges and big platforms like PayPal, our unique trading platform respects your privacy. We'll never share your data with other third parties without your consent, as per our Privacy Policy.

  3. Trustworthy brokers: We connect you only with the best brokers and parties providing trading services so that you can access outstanding trading tools and automated solutions. That’s right! Trading bitcoins can be real fun!

  4. Beginner-friendly services: Even if you are a newbie who doesn't know what exchange services, crypto exchanges, or digital wallets providers are, we can help you acquire sufficient trading knowledge. Enough to help you increase your account and potentially make money. We provide easy registration and user-friendly services to help you become a pro.

  5. Mobile trading: You can purchase Bitcoin or any other digital asset via your mobile device. Yes, that’s right! Take any transaction with you anywhere you go. Buying Bitcoin is 100% convenient, fast, reliable!

  6. Ongoing support: We know that support services can be terrible. Perhaps you've experienced it, too?! To have a problem with your credit card or PayPal account and wait for ages to hear back from them. We are different. If you join our Bitcoin Buyer community today, you access 24/7 support for unlimited time.

How Can I Start Executing Bitcoin Transactions with Bitcoin Buyer?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. 1. Sign up and create a Bitcoin Buyer account in seconds. We'll transfer you to one of our brokers so that you can start actively trading. It’s true - you can buy Bitcoin today!

  2. 2. Fund your account. Deposit a small initial capital to start buying Bitcoin or trading other crypto giants like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, or Tether. That's right, you don't have to buy Bitcoin only; after all, the crypto market is one of the most versatile markets out there!

  3. 3. Buy Bitcoin and other assets and enjoy your investing journey. With our beginner-friendly tools and strong market indicators, you can become one of the big Bitcoin investors in the field.

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